A Ball outfit Cinderella would be proud of

“Don’t be alarmed, Cinderella,” said the fairy. “I know you would love to go to the ball. And so you shall!” “How can I, dressed in rags?” Cinderella replied. ‘’Don’t worry’’, said the Fairy ‘’I have the perfect outfit for you- for less than £100!’’

OK, so the last quote wasn’t DIRECTLY from the script and you might not be in the same predicament as Cinderella, but if you need some Christmas party or Ball dress inspiration, for a fraction of the cost of a glass slipper, then you’ve come to the right place!

As Christmas gets nearer so do all the exciting events at this time of year- festive gatherings, shopping trips, meals out, Christmas parties, and the annual Hunt Ball.

Christmas can get SO expensive, but your party outfit doesn’t have to!


Shop the look (links at the bottom of the post)

This was my second year at the annual Hunt Ball in north Nottinghamshire and it’s always a glitzy event. I already knew what kind of dress I wanted- long sleeves (hides any winter lizard-Eczema skin I may have) and a nice deep open back.  I normally go for really bright colours but when I spotted this Zara number I couldn’t resist an absolute bargain!  I’d already looked at several really expensive dresses online and in stores but some of the fabric was really itchy or just an odd fit.  I’m really small so I’m not very successful when it comes to a maxi dress purchase, apart from petite ranges they always seem to have been created with a 6ft giraffe in mind!  However, once I’d added my heels this (for once) didn’t need any alterations at all!

The fabric on this Zara dress is really flattering and stretchy- not too hot either, and it has two slits up either side so you can easily bust those shapes on the dance floor without tripping over your outfit! (Although this OBVS depends how drunk you are!)

It’s also a great outfit if you’re going for a night out with a man in a tux.  I took the Bear with me so we looked really coordinated in Black together.


The shoes were an absolute bargain. Kurt Geiger is my go to shoe store for party shoes and they didn’t disappoint this time.  Not only were they perfect to add a bit of glitz and sparkle to the dress but they were also less than half the original price!  They’re also a great store for ALWAYS having size 3’s in the sale.  Shoe heaven : )


(Optional extra accessories…)

I styled my hair using my friends Mark Hill wild waver hot wand.  It did take quite a while as my hair is quite long and thick and to get the waves to hold I had to use tiny sections of hair and hold for quite a while, but I was really happy with the result and the waves lasted all night thanks to a good dose of hairspray!

Add your accessories, make up and a Hollywood hairdo and you’re away.  Ball fabulous for less than £100!

Jem x


Shae ‘Gold’ shoes, Miss KG, were £80, now £39, Kurt


Backless dress, £29.99, Zara


Avon top coat Opal glitter, £2.50, Avon


Essie nail varnish ‘Cashmere Bathrobe’, £7.99, Boots


Human Hair thick density lashes, £3.50, Eyelashes Direct


Eyeshadow pallete, L’Oreal, £14.99, Boots


Mark Hill Magic wand, £29.99, Mark Hill  (not the same as the one I
used but that is no longer available, try ebay?)


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