I started this blog a few years back when I was trying to heal my Eczema. I wanted to share my experiences- what I ate, what I used instead of steroid treatments, and also any products I could find that were suitable for all the sensitive shells out there. When I took the images for my blog I realised that as this was my only focus it meant I couldn’t share all the other things I do and the images I take.

I also promised myself that the moment this blog started to become too much of a headache and less of an enjoyment I’d take a step back.  So much has been going on this year- new job, new city, new man… well he’s not really new anymore but the point being so much has been going on I just kinda let this fall by the wayside.

I also realised that the things I want to share and write about didn’t necessarily fit with my blog’s original intention, so I’ve decided to change it a little. I love writing on here and I love creating images and sharing what I’m doing, but I want to be able to post about EVERYTHING. If I find a miracle product for sensitive skin I wanna share it, equally I want to be able to post about the shoots that I do and all the other things that scuttle out from my imagination.  I want to write about the things I care about and share my creative projects too.

No doubt my blog will go through many incarnations, just as I do as a human, but it will always remain a consuming hobby for it’s adapting author.  In the words of Dr Seuss*:  ‘It’s not about what it is, it’s about what it can become…’

Jem xx


*From ‘The Lorax’, and if you haven’t seen this then shame on you!



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I think my skin is telling me to move to Australia…

While I was away I slathered on the SPF, barely moisturised, and came home slightly tanned and eczema-free. Of course this changed the second I returned to the grim cold winter, and skin-hating conditions, back in England. As a person with a permanent beady eye on all products aimed at anyone with sensitive skin I was pretty stoked to get to try some of the Skinfix range. I’ll be totally honest I’d never heard of the Canadian brand, however anyone that claims ‘We provide the ultimate skin fix for the most vexing skin irritations’ is worth a test in my book.

I’ve been using their products since the second week of January- I never see the point of reviewing anything until you’ve given it a good run, and to be fair I probably picked the worst (yet also best) time to test their range. I work outside a lot and I can’t wear gloves, which sucks. I’m on the eternal hunt for gloves that both keep my teeny tiny T-Rex hands warm AND allow me to operate a camera easily at the same time. This means in winter my skin represents something between Jabba the Hutt and Ben Grimm.


From their range I’ve been using the SkinFix Hand Repair Cream, Eczema Balm, Soothing Wash, and Soothing Lotion.  My absolute fave has to be the Eczema balm.  In fact I’ve already ordered another tube since my first arrived.  It’s really thick but not in a mega greasy way and does exactly what you need.  I was a little cagey about using this at first as it contains Almond oil- but it turns out Almonds are one of the few nuts I’m actually NOT allergic too!  If you’re trying to avoid steroid treatment for your skin this will definitely help!  It creates a barrier on skin which locks in moisture and there’s no water in it either.


My second fave from the the range has to be the Soothing Wash.  I’m never really that fused about what I use in the shower, as long as it’s for sensitive skin, but this is a game changer.  It foams but doesn’t leave your skin feeling like you’ve just endured  two hundred lengths of a swimming pool.  It’s made with natural cleansers from coconuts and contains colloidal oatmeal, aloe vera, vitamin E, emollient sunflower and jojoba oils.  It also last for ages!

Their Soothing Lotion is nut-free and although I don’t think it will be replacing my Aveeno addiction it’s pretty damn good.  It’s not very thick though, which some people would love. I’d rather have a thicker moisturiser for the body but if you want something lightweight and deeply hydrating then this is the one.  It doesn’t sting or irritate so it’s great to use with any sort of skin flare up and it leaves my skin feeling way healthier.

All their products rate a 4 out of 5 on the National Eczema Organisation website (only losing one mark due to their products containing ingredients that related to food allergies) The lotion, wash and eczema balm all have the National Eczema Association seal of acceptance http://bit.ly/2oecrtp

The hand repair cream is a great hand cream if you don’t suffer from eczema.  It’s REALLY nourishing, and free from soy, steroids and parabens.  If you have dry skin this is an instant fix, however if you have cracked or sore skin then I wouldn’t recommend using this during a flare up.  Something in it made my hands really itch- although I don’t think there’s a product in the world that doesn’t hurt my skin when it’s covered in more cracks than a ring masters whip.

I definitely preferred the Eczema balm, which is designed for those of us with sensitive shells, although maybe this would work better for me in summer when my hands aren’t so screwed up!


I think the range works really well together, and it’s nice to find products that aren’t so greasy and thick you’re left like an oil slick for a few hours while they absorb into your skin, definitely worth a try if you’re looking for something new that actually works.

You can now order them from their UK shop: http://bit.ly/2oecrtp or even from Boots http://bit.ly/2ny78Xz where right now they have discount offers available.

Here’s to the sunshine and better skin!


Jem xx


*I wasn’t sponsored for this post


2016.  What a messed up year.  We lost so many greats- Bowie, Wood, even Wogan.  It was also the year of Brexit and all that came with that, oh and of course not to mention Trump.

On a personal level 2016 was the year of heartbreak, frustration, and incredibly poor timing. Even Brad and Angelina didn’t make it…

The year started out happy, promising and with a man I thought I’d spend the rest of my life with.  Somehow along the way that all turned to shit and I went from practically killing myself on a horse to one of the worst years as a family since Mum died.

I remember last year writing a post about how I wasn’t going to make any new year’s resolutions and I’m kinda glad I did- failing at impossible goals was the last thing I needed in 2016.  Let’s face it- we all promise ourselves in December that next year will be ‘our year’, we’ll climb a mountain, or live entirely off green vegetables.  Nothing like the cold reality of disappointment when you realise it’s not your year, you can’t even climb the stairs without tripping up, and McDonalds know you so well they offer your ‘usual’ as soon as you walk in…

Of course we all go into a new year with the best intentions but if I’m totally honest 2016 for me, and many of my chums, was a pretty turbulent year filled with inopportune events. This included my horrendous riding accident in February, the day before I was going on a course I’d been waiting AGES to get a place on, work frustrations and just generally terribly poor timing on a number of things.  I even found an amazing personal trainer and after only a few sessions she told me she’s off to a new job.  Sucks.  To be fair we’ll stay mates but she’s a bloody beast in the gym and I’m going to miss her and that peachy butt sooo much!

This year I think the only resolution I want to make (and it’s not really a resolution) is to continue exercising as much as I can.  Exercise is an escape. It provides time to get lost in your thoughts, or just lose your thoughts to pushing yourself, and you feel so good afterwards it’s a no brainer for me.   I think to be honest this is more a continuation of a lifestyle than a resolution and if you look at something like that it’s not something you’ll easily break.

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Gemma to the power of two = double trouble…

Anyone that knows me knows that I like to be in another country for New Year’s Eve, and this year is no exception.  I’m dashing off for Christmas too this time- today I’m flying to Australia for almost four weeks armed with a year’s supply of freelance savings, a couple of new bikinis and my oldest friend in the world.

I’ve known Gemma since she was born (just under a year after me) and her Mum was BFF’s with mine. We grew up together and had the cutest childhood.  I think one of the reasons we’re such close friends is we’ve got that much dirt on each other it would be lethal not to stay that way!  This girl has been through SO much this year and come out stronger and happier than ever and I’m so proud of her and everything she does.  I am privileged to have so many good friends in my life- they are, after all, the family we choose.  She’s more of a sister to me, and what this girl doesn’t know about me isn’t worth knowing.  This year we’ve got each other through what we now refer to as  ‘Black Sunday’, ‘dark August’ and all the other utter rubbish times this year- from not being able to walk, to ALL the boy dramas, and from work issues to family chaos.

You know when you have that friend that you don’t even need to say anything to and you know exactly what the other person is thinking.  This is Gemma.  We just get each other.


Heartbreak was everywhere this year.  Couples that I literally thought would be together for the long haul seemed to fall apart left, right and centre.  I started the year with a man I genuinely thought I’d be with until I was grey and seriously wrinkly; it’s crazy how so much can change.  Not just within a year but within a matter of hours!  Maybe my Disney- fuelled childhood provided me with unrealistic expectations of love and romance, and a fairy tale ending is purely that- fictional.  Gin and Prosecco profits will definitely be on the rise thanks to me and my pals…

To anyone I hurt or upset in 2016 I am truly sorry.  To anyone who hurt me- I hope you are too.  What a fucking roller coaster.

It’s not just been a year of heartbreak in terms of relationships but also in terms of my family situation too.  It’s so bloody fragile and it rips me to pieces on a daily basis.  I think when things are good in a family you take it for granted.  I would do anything to have my normal family life back but right now that seems like a distant dream, maybe an impossible reality.  I literally cannot wait to get away from it all and discover new places I’ve never been and run straight into the sea.  It’s a big world out there- adventure is waiting…

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    ‘All I’m after is a lifetime of laughter’  

If there’s one thing I’ve learned this year it’s that you have to surround yourself with people that lift you up.  Equally you have to lift your friends up too.  I’ve been pretty slack with a couple of friends this year and that’s something that definitely needs to change.  It’s ok to expect your friends to be there when you’re down but I also need them to know they can rely on me too.  It’s so important.

In a year when hate and anger won votes and elections it’s easy to focus on the negative but there’s actually a whole heap of things to be positive about and I have so much to be grateful for!

I just want to smile my way through 2017. Laughing is my favourite things in the world and if you are surrounded by people that can make you laugh so hard it hurts, well then life is just SO much more enjoyable.


My beautiful BFF Becky and I at the festival of dreams…

So here’s to 2017- let’s hope it’s better for all involved! You never know who you’ll meet on that spur-of-the-moment night out, or what’s waiting for you just around the corner, and don’t forget- Prince Charming comes in many different guises…Exciting times indeed!

Thank you to everyone who has read my blog, supported me and helped in any little way.  I love you all and I wish you all a Merry messy Christmas and a Bonza New Year!  I’ll see you on the other side.  Now where’s my passport…


Jem xx



Having a blog can be really fun at Christmas- all the gift guides, new products, festive posts and excitingly this year the East Midlands Bloggers Christmas Calendar Swap.

If you live in the East Midlands and you blog/create/write then you really should be a part of East Midlands Bloggers.  You can join in on Facebook here.

This year I took part in Jay and Jess’s Christmas Calendar Swap where you’re paired with another blogger from your region and create an advent box to send them full of little gifts to open in December.   It’s such a fun idea- the box had to include 25 presents with everything costing between £15-£30 in total and everything had to fit inside a shoe box.



I was paired up with the lovely Kirsty from Derby.  You can check out her lifestyle, beauty and books blog here.


At first I thought it would be easy but it’s actually quite a challenge to find 25 different gifts.  I read up on Kirsty’s blog to find out a bit more about her and then cracked on with the fun part- shopping.  I have a feeling we’ve probably bought each other similar things, as we’re both very much into our products and cute things! It was good fun hunting around lots of different shops to find enough items for the box, and I wanted to make sure there was plenty of variety in there too.  From a colouring book to beauty products, chocolate treats to stationary.   The swap is also a great way to get to know another bloggers in your area and it’s always nice to discover new blogs and posts to read.  Everyone in the East Midlands Group is super supportive and there’s always social events and topics of discussion on their Facebook page.  It’s a great way to meet other likeminded bloggers and connect with people with similar interests as you.


I was so excited when mine arrived and it’s been fun every day having a little present to open.  I’m going on holiday next week so I might have to save the rest until I come back- surely it’s bad luck to open them all before I go.  Tempting though…

Can’t believe it’s only two weekends until Christmas!  Happy shopping…

Jem xx

The John Lewis Christmas advert has hit our screens, which means one thing- it’s now perfectly acceptable to get excited about Christmas!

I’m going to be having a very different Christmas this year so I’m trying to be a bit more organised with my shopping. By ‘trying’ I mean looking at stuff online, mentally buying it, and then having a mad panic when I realise it’s a week until Christmas and I’ve done no shopping!

I always look online for gift guides- lots of influencers get sent really cool stuff so youtube and blogs are great places for a bit of festive inspo, especially for things you wouldn’t necessarily see while you’re out and about. I do love a good Christmas shop with chums but shopping in a city gets kinda stressful at this time of year.  Besides why gets stuck in the crowds when you can nail all your shopping online snuggled next to a fire with a large Gin in your hand?!

If you have sensitive skin and want to drop some mahoosive hints, or you’re looking for present inspo then I hope this helps- of course Elemis and Caudalie had to feature in my suggestions, and there’s items for all budgets.  Alongside skincare don’t forget all the good stuff- and by that I mean chocolate!

All items are linked below.

If you do go out and about I’d recommend shopping with a rucksack- leaves your hands free for a mulled wine… Good luck out there!

Jem xx


Khiels seasons treatings £30 http://bit.ly/2fFDR6v

Yumbles Rawr chocolate £9.95 http://bit.ly/2fUoNXq

Best Face Forward, Sensitive Skin set, £39.90, Elemis http://bit.ly/2eNnfMo

Holiday Skincare Cracker, £10, Nuxe http://bit.ly/2g10ztI

Vine Body Gift Set, £22, Caudalie http://bit.ly/2fhdnva

Winter Icon Orange and Clove Hot Cloth Cleanser, £22.75, Liz Earle http://bit.ly/2fFicga

Deliciously Ella Cookbook, £9, Amazon http://amzn.to/2emmj36

Ren Stop Being So Sensitive, £34 http://bit.ly/2eNGWn8

Merry Moos selection box, £3.99, Real Foods http://bit.ly/2fFQNcj

Relief Repair Replenish Cream, £14.95, Bria Organics http://bit.ly/2fFUjnb