Bonjour Balayage!

Changing my hair happens about as often as a lunar eclipse.  I blame a VERY dodgy crop cut during my uni days which took a LONG time to grow out and scarred me for life.  I also blame the fact I’m just a bit of a ditherer when it comes to making any sort of hair style decision, that and also the fact I get a bit of scissor fear!

I’d been banging on about getting a bit of Balayage for months, and after many hours scouring Pintrest and a chat with my hairdresser I took the plunge and just thought, fuck it!

It’s been over two years since I’ve has any sort of dye on my hair and it’s been 14 months since I had a haircut (I can almost hear the shocked, sharp intake of breath of anyone reading this) I guess I’m just kinda lazy.  Before my accident in January I was a very active person and as a camera operator you can’t be swishing your hair around so it’s normally a messy bun or a couple of braids for me and that’s about it.

I think it’s so hard to find a good hairdresser, and I do love mine, I just don’t go very often! I am really pleased I gave my hair a good rest from the dye; in fact it definitely helped with the Balayage as it gave my hairdresser a clean slate to start from.  I’ve been going to the Aveda salon Joshua Tree in Nottingham for quite a few years now, I fell in love with Aveda products and salons after I purchased a Groupon deal (remember those?) about 10 years ago and never looked back.  If there was anyone that could sort out my tresses it’s the guys at Joshua Tree!

My usual stylist is Emma but she recommended I used Charlotte for my colour and what a recommendation!  I wasn’t entirely sure what I wanted, even after the initial consultation, but seeing as my stressed out tresses were in need of some SERIOUS TLC I just thought sod it and I knew I was in capable hands.  Charlotte is the kind of hairdresser you can’t stop starring at, for all the right reasons.  I had instant hair envy when I met her and she’s so bubbly and funny the four hours I spent there felt like an hour hanging out with a chum.  I still had some very faded Red colour in the ends of my hair so this had to be sorted first before the free-hand colour was applied.   Despite my scissor fear I still managed to get a good 3.5 inches chopped off and it felt liberating.  It’s not like my hair is mega short now but it’s certainly made a difference in drying time!   I’ve never really gone lighter before so I think this was just the change I needed ahead of summer, if summer ever arrives in Britain!  As someone with naturally very dark hair I was so nervous about going lighter.  I opted for more caramel tones rather than a bright, yellow,  blonde, and I’m so happy with the results.  I think using several colours works so well, it’s less harsh and they blend together for a warmer colour.  No brassiness here thanks!  I don’t think my milky skin tone or my dark brows could handle anything else to be honest and this is where the value of a good hairdresser really shines through.

Before and After…

Charlotte was completely honest with what would and wouldn’t suit me and I may be biased but I think she got it bang on.   Having the ‘grown out’ Balayage look is great for me- no regular top up colour needed and seriously low maintenance.  Perfect for a lazy hair girl like me!  Just need to keep those ends trimmed now…

During my visit I paid extra for a nourishing conditioning treatment, and while I was in the mood for looking after my tresses I treated myself to a couple of new products.  I think wavy hair looks so good with Balayage, but styling your hair with heat always comes at a price.

I’ve invested in a couple of new products to give my frazzled ends a fighting chance to be glossy and silky.  You’ll never have locks like Rapunzel if you treat them like an ugly sister!  The Aveda Smooth Infusion styling cream was recommended by Charlotte to protect against frizz, humidity and to general make my locks look nice and smooth.

As it has been a while since my last cut my ends were in need of some help and to avoid them getting in the same state as they were I bought the Aveda Dry Remedy Daily Moisturising Oil.  This hydrates and nourishes the hair.  You just add a few drops into your palms and work through your hair.  I usually just apply this from the mid section to the ends.  I was always a bit worried about going lighter as I think when you’re dark it’s easier to get nice shiny locks, but this bad boy definitely adds shine and it always make my hair feel amazing.  It smells INCREDIBLE too!  Don’t be put off by the ‘oil’ tag either, unless you slather your hair in this there isn’t even a hint of grease.  BOOM.

I wouldn’t necessarily say I have thick hair, I just have a LOT of it.  The last thing I purchased was the Aveda Thickening Tonic.  Again this smell lush and it leaves your hair feeling really full and soft.  I apply this to damp hair and work through with my Aveda paddle brush, which you can buy here.  I haven’t been using this long enough to say that my hair feels notably thicker.  However it does feel fuller and a LOT smoother.

Hopefully now I’ve changed my locks a little I’ll be inspired to look after them.  I love the Aveda brand, not just all their plant-based hair products but also their make up too.  Even for sensitive skin it just works.  If you’re umming and ahhhing about getting Balayage just do it!  If you live in Nottingham I’d definitely recommend paying a visit to Joshua Tree, you can guarantee you’re in safe hands with the best products.  Besides, you can always dye in back…in a couple of years…

J xx

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