I have been doing a LOT of research about diets and Eczema.  There is SO much information out there, possibly too much.  It’s hard to weed out what’s relevant, but that’s why I think reading the blogs of people who have Eczema rather than some corporate-funded tosh is so important (see my blogs lists on the right for the lovely blogs I read).

Two books that I have also read are: The Body Language of Health, which only has a small section on Eczema, but it recommends removing acidic food during the exclusion and introducing other foods gradually after a full detox, which is what I plan to do.

The other was The Skin Cure.  This book is really good and offers a different approach to most exclusion diets.  It discusses yeast and Eczema and all the dietary advice really makes sense. I’d recommend this, it’s easy to read and makes a lot of sense.
I’ve also ordered The Eczema Diet, so I’ll let you know what this is like.

Before I go completely cold turkey I decided to look at my Eczema from the other approach- is it actually all a load of rubbish and what IF I eat certain foods?  Obviously I know from my reaction that I’m allergic to peanuts and most other nuts so I’m not going to be grabbing a pint and a packet of KPs any time soon, but I did give all the bad foods a go to see what happened- for research purposes OBVIOUSLY ; )

As I may have mentioned before I had severe stomach problems a few years back and had all sorts of tests. There was the usual tests for Coeliac etc, but it turned out the bacteria in my stomach wasn’t digesting food properly, I had a Helicobacter Pylori Infection and I also had IBS (there are no tests for this- it was my Doctors conclusion).  As the doctors were, as per, unhelpful I paid for several food allergy tests, basically I couldn’t be arsed with all the exclusion diets, and I was told garlic and onions and a MILLION other things were bad trigger foods.  This probably wrote off half my diet.  It’s too easy to ignore what your body is telling you, but other than doing an exclusion diet how can you ever know what is working and not working for you?

So the last few weeks I’ve indulged in all sorts of crap and lo and behold my skin, and stomach wasn’t happy.  Whenever I eat curry I always have the garlic/onion thoughts in my mind and it has brought on IBS in the past.  However in terms of my skin the worst food was Pizza!  I feel like I’ve been scratching for days since eating that bad boy and I’ve also discovered pretty much any type of sweets/candy is a no go for me, which sucks as I do like a sweet snack every now and again.  Wine Gums are the WORST! : (

My skin has got pretty bad again in the last couple of weeks so I’m ready for a clean start and to give the diet ago, after all the pain and abuse I’ve put my body through, it deserves a break!  It’s weird- my legs and arms are always tell tale signs of my diet I think, the Eczema gets all patchy and spreads, I also CAN’T. STOP. SCRATCHING.  I’ve been going through some relaly tough times in my personal life too and I think stress is really affecting me.  I want to be happy on the inside and out.

I will post some pics in the next post for you to see, my skin isn’t the worst I’ve seen and I know there are so many people out there struggling more than me, but my eczema hurts and it upsets me and I’m sick of it!

So here goes the diet!!!