I LOVE Halloween.  I love all the cute stuff in the shops and all the crazy outfits.  I’m no makeup artist but I’m always up for getting dressed up and doing some crazy-ass makeup on my face.

Last year I dressed up as a skeleton and even painted the horse I was riding!

I have to be super careful when painting my face- when you have sensitive skin the last thing you want to do is take your makeup off only to find your face still looks like a Halloween mask!  Always test products before you use them.  There are a few brands of face paint I can’t use but I did buy some white face paint from Snazaroo and it’s easy to take off and doesn’t irritate my skin.

Here’s my Halloween wish list (all links at the bottom of this post):

Last year for Halloween showjumping I dressed up as a Skeleton and even painted my horse too!

And here’s a close up:

This year I bought the cute Wool hat with ears from H&M (see wishlist) so I wanted to some sort of Cat makeup. As last years was Black and White I decided to go all colourful- but added fangs and  White Out contact lenses to make it less cute and more creepy!

I bought my fangs for 15p form Wilkos  (what an absolute bargain, although I do have a massive mouth and they were a bit small… and I bought my contacts from Foureyez,  I wear contact lenses anyway (think this is the downside to being a photographer, all of the snappers I know have terrible vision- must be all that squinting) but if you don’t normally wear them test them out first so your eyes get used to them.  They felt like bricks in my eye the first time I wore them).

So here’s the links to my two tutorials:

Simple cat makeup:

Skeleton face makeup:


J xx



Bouncing figures, £3.50, John Lewis


Wool hat with ears, £14.00, H&M


Mermaid vest, £17.99, Blue Banana


Terracotta Pumpkin, £5, Wilkos


Facelace eye sticker, £8.50, Facelace


Cat Jelly coin purse, £6, ASOS


Bat bow tie, £3.99, H&M


Pumpkin candle holder, £2, Hobbycraft


Hades Orion heels, £130, Blue Banana


Belt buckle, £3, Blue Banana


Ghost hair clips, £2, Primark

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