My favourite new skincare brand that my face is loving!

Never heard of Skincere? Well you should have.  If you have sensitive skin or any sort of allergies (wheat, dairy, nuts, chemicals) then this brand should definitely be on your radar.

I’m usually a bit dubious of any product claiming to make a difference to your skin that is 100% natural and free-from everything.  In my head if something is free from everything what is in it that’s going to make such a difference? Or, rather, what ISN’T in it that will make such an improvement on my ever sensitive shell?

The range is made up of five simple products- all you’ll ever need for a great daily skincare regime. When I first tried these products my skin was really sore.  I had really dry skin on my face and the skin around my eyes was particularly sensitive. I was expecting the eye serum to sting but it didn’t.  My skin has never felt smoother.  I am in LOVE with this brand.  So simple and so effective.  When I read up on the brand I loved their ethos as it matched mine  ‘Whilst skincare products for sensitive skin may address the issue of irritation and sensitivity, they tend to do nothing for anti-aging or beauty…’ Hurrah! My sentiments exactly.  While I wouldn’t say I’ve noticed that my skin miraculously looks five years younger I
will say the skin on my face is in great condition, and even though my skin does tend to be really up and down (I blame hormones and all the other crap we women have to deal with) it’s definitely improved.  I always judge a new product on whether or not I get spots the first time I use it, and I didn’t get any after my first use of Skincere.  Plus, they’re
vegan-friendly and not tested on animals. Winner!

First up:  the Cream Cleanser.  I apply this directly to dry skin and massage it in, removing with a muslin cloth.  The cleanser has exfoliating properties and it super soothing.  Normally I’m pretty red-faced after removing my makeup, but not with this bad boy.  The only thing I will say is that if I’ve worn liquid eyeliner or heavier eye makeup I used an extra eye makeup remover to completely remove all makeup traces, however for the rest of my face it left it feeling fresh and smooth.  Packed full of ingreidents like coconut oil, aloe leaf juice, smoothing Shea butter, bilberry, orange and lemon.  Heaven in a cleansing tube!

Ahh my hero product: Facial Serum (£19.99) I don’t think a day has gone by recently where I’ve not used this, even if I’ve been using other brands on my skin!  This feels SO good.  I use this straight after cleansing, and this is the product they claim does all the good stuff- increases firmness, reduces age spots, hydrates and smoothes.   I think this is the beast that has evened out my skin tone.  I often have red patches on my face but these have definitely reduced and even after the first use my skin was super smooth.

I also use the Eye Serum (£14.99) to help look after my tired-eyes.  I always suffer with the skin aroud my eyes.  If you have allergies they always itch and my eyelids are often red and dry.  I definitely feel like my skin is more hydrated from using this.  Sometimes I forget to use it with the facial serum but it does have an instant smoothing effect, which is amazing!  I think my dark circles are mostly lack of sleep though- If only my skin did actually look ten years younger!

I always follow my serum with either their Day Cream or Night Cream (both £24.99).  Obvs depending if it’s the morning or not.  I thought the day cream wouldn’t hydrate my skin enough, it’s such a light consistency; however it’s really hydrating without causing any breakouts. It’s non greasy and packed full of antioxidants and botanical extracts.

I try to swap up my night cream, depending how dry my skin is.  But this is a firm favourite.  It feels rich without being too thick, which is a trait I love.  I read on the back that it helps stressed skin, which mine definitely is.  I spend far too much time worrying at night and over thinking things, my poor skin needs all the help it can get!  Avocado oil helps boost collagen production and the high levels of vitamin E reduces itching, inflamatio  and softens dry skin-perfect if you have Eczema like me!

If you do suffer from sensitive skin, definitely give this a try.  I’ve really been upping my skincare game now I have all this time off work following my accident.  It’s great to try new products, and you never know- you might discover the hero product you’ve been searching for!  The prices are so reasonable too.  It’s always a risk splashing out on something you don’t know will work, or even suit your skin!  To make things even better there’s a sale on over at the skincere website so you can get beautifully hydrated skin for a fraction of the price.  Now who doesn’t

love a bargain…

J xx

**I wasn’t sponsored or paid for this post**


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