I’ve already raved about Weleda in a previous Blog post (when I took their body wash with me on my Turkish holibob) and as I love their products so much I wanted to give their new Almond range a right old test.  I’ve been using this range since June.  I think it’s impossible to give a good review on something unless you’ve been using it for a while.  My skin’s health goes in circles and it’s all well and good using something when I’m bordering Disney Princess skin but when I look like the scaly evil old witch then this is when a product either fails miserably or makes it into my bathroom as a permanent fixture.

Weleda has been around since 1921.  I haven’t though and I’m fairly new to this brand.  I hadn’t really heard much about
Weleda before;  apart from the fact Victoria Beckham and Julia Roberts are fans of their ‘Skin Food’ moisturiser.  If it’s good enough for VB, it’s good enough for me. I always think it’s interesting when companies bring out a range specifically for sensitive skin. I remembering trying a Simple face wash once designed for us sensitive types.  The results were horrific (think Halloween mask without actually wearing one).

Just because something is billed as being ‘dermatologically tested’ or for ‘sensitive skin’ doesn’t mean to say it actually won’t irritate you.  There are so many different ingredients in products that can cause irritation or react to your skin and I normally try and stick to anything with essential oils or natural ingredients. Basically anything which doesn’t have a best
before date of the next century, and something along the organic lines.

Weleda products fit this bill perfectly.  Many of their products are grown sustainably in their gardens in Derbyshire, just as I was. Well I wasn’t grown in a garden but the other bit is the same…  They are tested and graded to the highest international system of certification (NATURE)- which recognises the authenticity of natural and organic products. 100% natural, synthetic free, and great ethics?  Sounds right up my street!

They also have the cutest Instagram account too, which makes me want to skip through a spring meadow- although I’d probably get hay fever and have an asthma attack if I did so I’ll just stick to looking at their pretty pictures.

First up as I was such a fan of the Sea Buckthorn body wash I gave the Almond body wash a go.  I normally only use scent-free products in the shower, and when my skin is really sore I use moisturiser prescribed from the doctors as shower cream.  However since last month I’m trying to stop using all prescribed shizzle, unless things get really bad.

This shower cream is lovely, not too strong a scent either and although it’s not as creamy as the Sea Buckthorn it feels really luxurious and my skin didn’t feel tight afterwards.  I normally moisturise straight after I’ve showered when my skin is still slightly damp.  I’ve swapped using the Almond Body lotion in this way and use it just as an extra now as I prefer my moisturisers to be a bit thicker.  I often find with lotions they feel a bit watery, but then again you don’t always want to be slathering your skin with lard either! The Almond body lotion is really soothing, non-greasy, and easy to soak in.  I’m definitely going to give their ‘Skin Food’ a try now.

As you can see from the photo I’ve been using the hand cream, in fact so much so I’m on my second tube.  It’s really nourishing without being sticky or gloopy and I’m really weird about scented hand creams but this smells really good and not at all overpowering.  I’m not a massive fan of the Almond smell normally but this is a long way off from the Marzipan fragrance I can’t stand.  It all just smells a bit more, well, natural!

Since using the Almond range it’s made me want to try more Weleda products and I’ll definitely be sticking to using their body wash.  I’ve also purchased their Calendula shampoo and body wash which smells DIVINE.  All their products are really god value too.  I bought a new Almond sensitive body wash in August and it’s still going, £7.95 from http://www.weleda.co.uk/.  For someone with hyper-sensitive skin I’m so excited I’ve found a brand that actually smells good and doesn’t leave my skin dry or itchy.  Brucey Bonus!

It’s not very often I find a range that suits my skin so this has been an excellent find and I always love discovering different brands and products.  There’s so much out there and finding something that doesn’t leave my skin feeling like it’s been dipped in Acid is a rarity!  Reasonable prices AND good products?  Winner winner chicken dinner!

Have a great day,

J xx

*I wasn’t paid or sponsored for this post- I just love their products!

As if it’s October?! I do love a bit of autumn though, especially when the sun is shining like it has been recently in the UK. There’s also a tonne of stuff to look forwards to in October- including a trip to Glasgow with the Bear, beer festivals, vintage fairs and the odd spot of show jumping.

September brought me rashes, Eczema on my face, and skin so sensitive I’d brush past someone wearing wool and immediately have arm that looked like orange peel.  It also brought the Burghley horse trials and that means one thing- shopping!


This is an INSANE jump is the Cottesmore Leap, taken on my trusty iphone.

I grew up in the countryside and do love a good tweed-fest and Burghley horse trials is always a fabulous event.  Set in the beautiful grounds of Burghley House in Stamford, alongside watching the competitors you can buy anything from a Chesterfield dog bed to a handmade necklace. Even if you’re not horsey there’s so much on offer.  So despite the fact my skin has been horrific this month it’s not all been doom and gloom.  Here’s what I’ve been loving and buying in September:


First up is my candle. I absolutely LOVE tea so this was perfect for me.  I’ve also recently been obsessed with decorating and changing my room and I’ve painted one of the walls slate grey so this candle fitted right in!  I kinda don’t want to light it but it smells sooooo gooooood.


I’d never bought any of their products before but they do such a cute range of soaps and room fragrances (OBVS not for my skin but they’d make great gifts) and their stand at Burghley was adorable!


Another thing I bought from Burghley was my Joules coast jacket in Antique Gold.  I LOVE yellow clothes and I’ve been after a yellow coat for ages.  It’s not too thick but totally waterproof – perfect for the British Autumn and will definitely brighten up my wardrobe.  I used to work for Joules so I got a bit sick of their stuff but now I love it again and this jacket is perfect, it’s got a lovely jersey lining and I love stripes more than I love yellow so winner winner chicken dinner!



Other than buying Pimms and lots of tasty treats at Burghley, another item I bought was my Joules Coast jacket in Antique Gold.  I love bright colours and especially Yellow at the mo (My Insta account is kinda going through a yellow theme too at the mo) and this jacket is perfect for the great rainy British Autumn.  It’s lightweight and 100% waterproof with a gorgeous Jersey lining.  If there’s one thing I love as much as bright colours it’s stripes so this ticks ALL the boxes! I used to work for Joules so got a bit sick of their clothes but that was a loooong time ago and I think I’m falling back in love with some of their stuff again now.


Keeping with the equestrian theme I also bought this gorgeous horsey printed wash bag from a shop in Leicester called Irish.  I must have walked past the window and looked at it a million times so as soon as it appeared in the sale I bagged it for less than £10.  I love the colour and it’s really cute with two pockets for all the random crap I take with me.  In my opinion you can never have too many wash bags and makeup bags- the more bags you have the more products you can
buy.  Simple logic really.



As I mentioned I’ve become OBSESSED with interiors and changing my bedroom.  After a spur-of-the-moment paint job, several trips to Ikea, hours spent on Pinterest, and a visit to the home department of every shop in Leicestershire my room is starting to come together.  I’ve got a lovely slate grey wall now and loads of accessories to go with it.  I’m all about the grey, white and copper now.


I’ve never shopped at Primark’s home section but it’s actually really good.  I managed to bag some cute pillow cases and this picture frame above for a mere £2!  Just need to find a beautiful photo to go in it.  I also bought the copper candle for £2 and the copper jug from Asda’s George Home (another firm favourite of mine) which was just £5.  http://direct.asda.com/on/demandware.store/Sites-ASDA-Site/default/Search-Show?q=copper&cgid=10&ccgid=10#http://direct.asda.com/on/demandware.store/Sites-ASDA-Site/default/Search-Show?q=copper&cgid=10&ccgid=10

All I need now is some flowers to fill it.  Massive hint…

I really like the George Home section.  I’ve bought loads of random bits and presents for people from there- although their products are so seasonally stocked if you don’t get something there and then it’s bound to disappear!


In terms of beauty products I’ve not been splashing out too much this month as my skin has been so rubbish. I did go into Lush though and was rekindled with an old love of mine – their Dream Cream.

I used to use this years ago and actually have no idea why I stopped.  It’s not the thickest of lotions but it’s one of the few things that doesn’t sting and burn my skin when mega sensitive-mode is activated.  It smells really oaty and does what it says on the tin.  I wish it was slightly thicker, for some reason in my head I always think if cream is thicker it’s more effective in moisturising but this is actually ridiculous and I’m sure stems from a life time of thick, greasy prescription gunk. It’s made from Rose water and Camomile blue oil and really calms the skin.  It’s definitely returned as a
stable moisturiser next to my bed.  I normally put it on straight after a shower and I’m using it instead of my moisturiser from the doctors right now.

Anyone that knows me knows I am mahoosively into eyebrows.  I get mine threaded every four weeks at a really cute (and super cheap) salon in West Bridgford.  I’d never been bothered about brows until a couple of years ago and then as soon as I started getting them threaded I had a few compliments and have never turned back. The day I first had them done I randomly bought my Soap & Glory Archery pen and if there was ever one beautiful product I would covet to the world this would be it.  There aren’t enough compliments to tell you how great I think it is.  I always brush them first then use the pen end to define the edges and the pencil to fill in any gaps.  Normally I buy Soap & Glory products when there’s a 3 for 2 offer on so this time I bought 2 Archery pencils (OBVS) and for the first time I thought I’d try their lipstick. I bought the shade Super Nude, I’ve kinda gone off dark red lips at the moment.  Not really sure if they suit me.  I love this shade though, it’s really subtle.  It’s not massively moisturising and I wouldn’t say the colour last ages but it’s lovely pigmentation and I’m definitely a fan now.  But seriously if there’s one eyebrow product to buy then Archery is the one.

So here’s to a happy October everyone, thanks for reading,

J xx

Another Doctors appointment, another few minutes of my life I’ll never get back. I swear I might as well talk to my Moomin pal instead of a Doctor…


He’s a good listener….

My skin has been really rubbish recently, not just because it looks bad but it FEELS different.  I have Atopic Eczema, so of course I know already I react badly to pretty much anything and there’s no consistency. Recently, however, my skin is so itchy I literally want to make a bed out of really rough doormats and roll around naked in it to scratch all my skin off Something is really irritating me (besides the usual- work, rude people, lack of sun and shortage of Disney films in my life) and I want to get to the bottom of it.  It must be horrific holding hands and sleeping next to a lizard every night!

I hate it when you go to see someone; a ‘professional’ and they try and pretend they know more about yourself than you.  This time was a classic.  I was the last patient of the day- and boy didn’t I know it!  Couldn’t have been hurried through any faster if I’d tried!  I had a Doctor I don’t normally have; clearly he hadn’t bothered to read any of my notes before the appointment.  He looked at my skin and declared after about 2 seconds ‘you have chemical-related Eczema…’ RIGHT. Clearly no clue that I’ve had this condition since I was the size of a melon.  He asked me what I did and then mentioned it must be my job.  Erm… I film stuff and take photos.  I haven’t been in a darkroom near chemicals since 2006.  I spend a fortune on organic, natural skin care- of course it’s not chemical related.

When I suggested I might be allergic to something, or have developed a recently allergy, I was told that’s impossible. Apparently if you’re not allergic to something ten years ago you won’t be now. When I put forward we had a cat when I was younger but now when I’m in a room with one my eyes look like a Pugs after about two minutes I just got silence.

I read lots of Eczema sufferer’s blogs and take a keen interest in what other people do to help their skin, what they eat, their allergies and how they treat their skin. I’m trying to stay off Steroids and when I suggested to Dr. Personality about maybe seeing an Allergist or getting a test to see if there was anything I might be allergic to that I’m in regular contact with I was greeted with a look like I’d just informed him they were going to have to pay for their own drinks at the Doctors Christmas do.

Anyone that knows me knows I’m the most awkward person when it comes to talking about my skin.  I can talk about Eczema until the cows come home (I have literally no idea where that saying comes from) but when it comes to my own shizzle I get all panicky and upset.  I hate going to the Doctors let alone having to stand up for myself and talk about something I find really difficult.  I hate the way I was made to feel stupid just because I asked whether I might be eating/doing something that has affected my skin and actually asking questions and making suggestions.  How can you convey to someone who has never wanted to rip their own hands off what it’s like?  They just don’t get it.  After an Oscar worthy meltdown and floods of tears I have now been palmed off to a new Dermatologist and informed on my way out that I ‘read too much on the internet’.

I left the appointment more angry than satisfied.  Fair enough it’s the NHS and it’s not like I’ve paid a private professional to give a shit about me, however my pay slip would dispute this and it would be nice from time to time to see someone who does care, or at least pretends to.  I’ve had to suffer from this my whole life, you can suffer with my crap for ten minutes.  I sincerely doubt any medical professional will take on what I say, which makes me sad.  I KNOW my own skin more than you do.  I know that in the last month my Eczema is worse than it’s been in years and that there is something making me claw my own skin to shreds in my sleep.  I know it’s a cycle but surely at some point there’s something I can do to break it?  I know I’m allergic to hay (which sucks when you have a horse) but I’ve dealt with this and I know that if my skin is bad after a trip to the yard this is why. This is different though.

Think I’m going to go back to the drawing board.  I’m convinced that changing my diet will help.  I do try and eat well but sometimes I am a bit lapse with food.  After reading The Eczema Diet last year I know there’s a lot I can do to help.  At least if I’m making an effort to heal my skin from the inside out it won’t matter that I read a lot online because when I do see these ‘caring professionals’ I know I’m doing all I can to help myself along the way.

Happy scratching…. x