Welcome to my bog!

My name is Jemma.  I am  a photographer and I film stuff too.  I have ridiculously sensitive skin, an adverse reaction to dairy (sorry cows- you’re actually one of my favourite animals), and sometimes I feel like I’m literally allergic to air!

I started this blog a few years ago when I was on a mission to sort out my Eczema by cutting out dairy.  Writing posts about my skin really helped and forced me to look after myself better and it’s kind of developed from there really.  I wanted a place where I could vent my skin frustrations, document my search for that superstar product that doesn’t leave me looking like I’ve fallen asleep on an ants nest, and discover lots of great eats and lifestyle tips that nourish from the inside out.

I’ve had Eczema and sensitive skin since I was born.  I remember being hospitalised with it when I was a lot younger, bullied at school for it and at one point I actually let it dictate what I did and what I wore.  A few years ago I was addicted to Topical Steroids in the hope that it would cure me of my curse, and after sessions of light treatment, pills, counselling, numerous food intolerance tests, and a Britney Spears-style breakdown on my dermatologist I realised I probably needed to change my battle tactics.

Thankfully those days are gone and after trying every single moisturiser/exclusion diet/ and skincare regime on the market I realised a lifestyle change was in order, and although I don’t have the skin of a Victoria Secret model it’s certainly a lot better than it was.

I can’t say I’ll only ever use natural organic products, and my diet isn’t quite that of an athlete but I do believe that with a little effort and awareness of what we put on the inside as well as the outside you don’t have to be stuck with a problem- and actually what matters most is how you find a way around it.

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it and  thank you for all your support so far,

Jemma x