The John Lewis Christmas advert has hit our screens, which means one thing- it’s now perfectly acceptable to get excited about Christmas!

I’m going to be having a very different Christmas this year so I’m trying to be a bit more organised with my shopping. By ‘trying’ I mean looking at stuff online, mentally buying it, and then having a mad panic when I realise it’s a week until Christmas and I’ve done no shopping!

I always look online for gift guides- lots of influencers get sent really cool stuff so youtube and blogs are great places for a bit of festive inspo, especially for things you wouldn’t necessarily see while you’re out and about. I do love a good Christmas shop with chums but shopping in a city gets kinda stressful at this time of year.  Besides why gets stuck in the crowds when you can nail all your shopping online snuggled next to a fire with a large Gin in your hand?!

If you have sensitive skin and want to drop some mahoosive hints, or you’re looking for present inspo then I hope this helps- of course Elemis and Caudalie had to feature in my suggestions, and there’s items for all budgets.  Alongside skincare don’t forget all the good stuff- and by that I mean chocolate!

All items are linked below.

If you do go out and about I’d recommend shopping with a rucksack- leaves your hands free for a mulled wine… Good luck out there!

Jem xx


Khiels seasons treatings £30

Yumbles Rawr chocolate £9.95

Best Face Forward, Sensitive Skin set, £39.90, Elemis

Holiday Skincare Cracker, £10, Nuxe

Vine Body Gift Set, £22, Caudalie

Winter Icon Orange and Clove Hot Cloth Cleanser, £22.75, Liz Earle

Deliciously Ella Cookbook, £9, Amazon

Ren Stop Being So Sensitive, £34

Merry Moos selection box, £3.99, Real Foods

Relief Repair Replenish Cream, £14.95, Bria Organics




I know my last couple of posts have been very foodie! Now that I’ve just had my last dermatologist appointment for this year (hopefully…) I think I’ve just been taking a real keen interest in what I’m putting into my body. I’ve also been on a mad fitness mission- there’s nothing like exercise to make you feel better when you’re going through a bit of a rough time. Life is certainly very up and down at the moment.

I’ve been trying to cut out carbs in the morning, however as I’ve been on a few longer runs now that my knee is healing, sometimes I need something a bit more substantial to keep me going. I’ve already posted my overnight oats blog post here, but recently I bought some rice flakes from good old Sainsbury’s and they are LUSH! You can adapt this recipe in SO many ways- use different milk (coconut, almond) or add some regular oats into the mix, any kind of fruit- the variations are endless! I add some yogurt to mine to sweeten it up too.

My favourite milk of choice at the moment is Oatly Organic  and Rice Dream.  You can buy both from most supermarkets.  The Rice Dream milk makes everything taste so creamy- when mixed with the rice flakes it’s a bit rice pudding-ish, which I bloody LOVE!  Pudding for breakfast?  Hell yas!

You’ll need:

  • A jar/ small bowl
  • Rice Flakes- 35g
  • Rice Milk (or any alternative)
  • Dairy-free Coconut yogurt (or any alternative)
  • Raisins
  • Blueberries
  • Blackberries
  • Dark choc to sprinkle on top- I use Green & Blacks Organic 85%
  • Anything to decorate/add flavour- I used Cacao powder, Linseed and Chia seeds (as always)



Add the flakes to the jar, pour enough milk to cover the flakes and almost fill the jar.  Add a heaped tablespoon of yogurt and stir.  Mix in some blueberries and raisins and any other fruit.  Cover and leave over night and that’s it!  The longer you leave it the more the flakes soak up the milk.  Sprinkle on top all the other ingredients to add crunch and flavour and that’s it- SO yummy!  Breakfast is served bitches…


Why rice flakes?

They are easy to digest, low in fat and sugar and calories, and keep you full for ages!  They’re a lot harder in consistency than oats, they’re a good source of essential minerals and vitamins.  You can also eat them if you are lactose or gluten intolerant.  Boom!


Have a great week,


Jem xx



There are a few pairings in life that just work so well together.  For example Gin and Tonic, Victoria and David Beckham, and, of course,  Rhubarb and custard.

I was never allowed the sweets as a child (anything with colouring in made me go MENTAL) however I did consume a few in later years and you can’t beat a proper rhubarb and custard pudding after a hearty Sunday roast.  There’s just something about the smell and the texture that’s so comforting I bet even Nigella swoons over it.

Now I love me a pudding and I also love a candle so when my lovely friend Carolyn at Burley’s gifts made me aware that the good people at Lily-Flame actually do a Rhubarb and custard candle, OBVS a purchase had to be made pronto.  I’m a massive advocate of shopping local so if you live in the Southwell/Nottingham area go check out Carolyn’s shop.  You can check out Burley’s Gifts Facebook page here, but be warned- even though they’re a gift shop you’re probably more likely to purchase something for yourself!  It just so happened that last week my lovely Dad gave me a load of Rhubarb out of his garden, he’s such a good egg! So, inspired by my new candle and the good life I whipped up this easy dairy-free dessert.  Of course if you aren’t dairy free just substitute the dairy free version for regular custard- it’s SOOOO good, takes no time at all, and smells a bit like Christmas!

What you’ll need:

  • (serves around 4, depending on the size of your serving pots)
  • 5 trimmed stems of Rhubarb (ideally from someone’s garden…and don’t forget to remove the leaves!)
  • 4 tbsp soft brown sugar
  • 1 orange
  • 1 Vanilla pod
  • Grated fresh ginger (about a thumb sized piece)
  • tsp ground Cinamon
  • tbsp water or ginger cordial
  • Carton of dairy-free custard (I either use Provamel organic vanilla or Alpro dairy-free custard)
  • pots to serve
  • Mint and Chia seed garnish optional


Trim all leaves off the Rhubarb as these are toxic.  I never peel the outer fibers off the rhubarb as I think this keeps the colour and I don’t see the point.  Chop the fruit into small chunks and place in a large pan.




Juice the orange after grating the zest from it.  Add this to the Rhubarb along with the Cinnamon, grated ginger and seeds scraped from inside the vanilla pod.  Add the water, I decided against the cordial as this was too much Ginger for me this time.  Mix together, cover and cook on a low heat until the Rhubarb is just tender- you want some of the pieces to retain their shape.  Add more sugar if necessary.  You could also try using a different source of sweetener if you wanted, such as Agave Nectar, anything goes!



Once cooked leave this to cool, then remove the rhubarb from the pan and cook the remaining juices over a high heat until reduced and thick and syrup-like.  Then in 4 or more pots add some of the Rhubarb, dribble over the syrup liquid then layer on the custard and keep going.


I added a mint leaf (off a plant in MY garden this time) and sprinkled Chia seeds on for decoration. Voila!  An easy dessert recipe that’s high in fiber, vitamins K, C and A, and is also a good source of Calcium too!  In fact Rhubarb is up there with Salmon and Spinach for its Calcium qualities.  BOOM.  No milk required!




The down side is whenever I light my candle it makes me crave this dessert!  You can purchase a Lily-Flame candle here for £8.95.

Happy eating,

J xx


Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day.  I can’t function properly without it. I have quite an active, demanding job and not eating just makes me grumpy and tired.

Anyone that follows my Instagram knows I’m obsessed with eggs, and a poached egg is my usual food of choice first thing after sticking my contact lenses in.

However, recently I’ve been branching out.  When I say ‘branching’ I mean mixing a load of stuff in a bowl overnight.  It’s often hard to have a dairy free breakfast.  I’m trying really hard at the moment to eat to heal my skin and to try and prevent my skin from flaring up as I’ve recently stopped using steroid cream.

Dairy is the devil to me.

I do love a good porridge though and a few weeks ago my friend bought some Bircher Museli and it looked SOOOO good I nearly strayed off my dairy-free path and then I realised I should just make my own dairy free version!

*HISTORY ALERT* Bircher Muesli was introduced by Swiss Physician Maximilian ircher-Benner (and with a name like that you are DESTINED for great things) in the 1900’s.  Originally soaked overnight with lemon and water and then eaten the next day with fresh yoghurt.

There are a bazillion ways to make overnight oats or Bircher Muesli, some with naughty things like cream and sugar added, others that practically come out the bowl wearing a halo because they ooze so much healthy goodness.

There’s loads of recipes but I’ve fine-tuned mine (without added sugar or fruit juice – I add apples and raisins which makes it sweet enough I think) and the only really naughty part is the dairy free Yoghurt, which you could always leave out or substitute.

I wish I could wake up like Maximillian did eating my oats surrounded by a gorgeous view of the Swiss Alps, breathing in fresh air and skipping around the mountains.  However I usually have to scoff mine on the way to work or looking out of the window in rainy England.

All the things you’ll need for this: (makes enough for 4-6 depending how hungry you are…) 

  • 150g oats (I use Nairns Gluten free)
  • 1-2 apples cored and grated (I use Sainsburys SO Organic ‘cos they’re lush)
  • 420ml Oat milk (you can use Coconut or Almond milk)
  • Generous handfuls of raisins, pomegranate, and blueberries
  • 4 tbls Alpro Coconut Yoghurt (dairy free- you could use any)
  • 1 banana (half mashed and half sliced for the toppings)
  • To top mine off I use Milled Linseed with sunflower and Pumpkin (Aldi)

It’s the easiest thing to make and you can add anything you want- swap fruit for nuts (as long as you’re not allergic to them!) you could add different flavours such as Nutmeg, or even add different seeds, or dried fruit.  The possibilities are endless.

A yummy healthy breakfast that you can take with you on the go!

First up you’ll need to prepare your oats the night before.  You could probably do it a few hours before you eat them but I think the longer the better to really soak everything up.

Mix the oats and milk into a bowl and pour the oat milk over the top.  I’ve done this with coconut milk before which is yum but as I’m using coconut yoghurt this would be coconut overload and this isn’t breakfast at Club Tropicana!

I always add in all my fruit at this point.  The raisins make it sweet and I think taste so much better once they’ve been soaking overnight.

Give it all a right good old stir, cover and leave over night.

The next morning- remove the oats from the fridge and wash your apples…

Grate your apples (remove core but I leave the skin on because it tastes good and looks pretty- obviously give them a good old scrub first).

Add your sliced banana and yogurt (leaving a few slices spare to decorate the top) mix it all together with a spoonful of Linseed and then serve!

Voilà- you’re done!  Best breakfast ever- super quick too!

I fucking love breakfast!  I bought these super cute jars from Sainsburys, think they’re less than £2 each. Happy munching…

J xx