After a big weekend at Wilderness festival (blog post to follow) and a week of eating lots of naughty treats at a horse riding camp my skin is seriously suffering.  I’ve been reading loads into how to eat for healthier skin, suffering with Eczema is rubbish and my body needs all the help it can get to sort itself out!  I’ve had a few green smoothies in the past that have tasted pretty rank frankly but I must say this is one of the best I’ve ever made- yes I am a smug bitch…

I think it’s adding a little bit of fruit.  I’ve done this before without the pineapple but it just needed a little ‘je ne sais quoi’ to make it a tad more palatable.  Now I’m not very good at following recipes, or sticking to amounts so I actually have no idea how much of everything I put into this.  When I cook and bake at home I normally chuck what I think in and hope for the best- quantities schmontities!  You can adapt any recipe to your own taste- use any kind of fruit or swap the kale for Pak Choi, just go wild and enjoy!

What I used:  (makes enough for two)

  • ½ Avocado
  • Handful spinach
  • Three large leaves of speciality Kale (ie the one with nice long purple coloured leaves)
  • Two chunks of cucumber
  • Coconut water (I used a small mug to measure out- use more if it’s too thick and vice versa)
  • Tsp Chia seeds (and a few to decorate on top- I made a heart because we all need a little love)
  • Freshly cut pineapple- about 5 chunks roughly cut.


Stick it in your blender- I use a Ninja (its AMAZING! You can buy for yourself here) and that’s all there is to it.  If you want a runnier consistency add more coconut water.

Your body will love you for it, this is packed full of protein, fiber, vitamins A, C, E, K, B6, calcium, iron- the list goes on!  Just blend and enjoy : )

J xx

My skin is more sensitive than an England fan on a trip to Iceland right now.  It’s probably all down to the horrendous hit of hay fever I’m enduring every day, that and the fact I’m pretty much allergic to air right now. When my skin needs an extra bit of help, or is likely to be more volatile than Britain after Brexit, then these hero products certainly offer a helping hand…

Elemis SOS cream: When your face feels like it’s on fire, you’ve been in the sun too long, or you just feel like you need more than a moisturiser- reach for this bad boy. Every time.  SOS Emergency Cream £52.50, Elemis

Caudalie Beauty Elixr: Again another French hero product. I’ve been rattling through this- it’s great for all those hay fever days when your skin just needs a helping hand. It refreshes your face and feels like your coating your skin in luxury. Caudalie Beauty Elixr, £11.50, Feel Unique, (always lots of offers on this site!)

Skincere facial serum:  I’m on my third tube of this since giving it a whirl last year.  It’s inexpensive and does what it says on the tin.  Use it underneath your moisturiser.  Skincere products NEVER ever irritate your skin, even if it’s super sore and sensitive.  Easy on the purse too- win win!  Facial serum, £19.99, Holland and Barrett

Ren body exfoliator balm: When you have sensitive skin sometimes it’s easy to avoid exfoliating but actually it’s vital to help our skin. Slough away those pesky dry patches with this beaut of a product.  It leaves your skin with a nice kind of waxy finish rather than sore and itchy.  A little goes a long way too : ) Ren salt exfoliating body balm, £22, Look Fantastic

Neutral Cleanser: If you’ve never heard of Green People before and you have sensitive skin what the hell are you playing at?  This cleanser is my go-to hero product when everything else is ruining my face.  Fragrance-free, gentle and zero chance of leaving you with lizard skin.  Check out their other products too, their range is AMAZING!  Neutral scent free cleanser, £18.00, Green People

Weleda body wash: Again another brand I can’t get enough of (see previous blog post here)  It’s rare when you have sensitive skin that anything you use in the shower can smell good and not leave you like you’ve been dipped in acid.  Hello Weleda!  Bloody love this, use it everyday!  It’s super creamy, doesn’t dry your skin and smells like holidays.  What’s not to like?!  Sea Buckthorn creamy bodywash, £7.95, Weleda

Darphin 8 Flower cream: My wonderful Mum introduced me to Darphin many years ago.  I LOVE love LOVE French skincare and this is just amazing!  I’m kinda new to this product but I use it at night if my skin is sore after cleansing.  Heaven.  Smells great without irritating your skin.  Perfect!  Darphin 8 Flower Oil Cream, 30ml, £43.33, Escentual (1/3 off!)

Lavera intensive neutral mask:  I’ve been trying to use this once a week, but usually fail.  I’ve always avoided face masks like the plague as normally they make my skin ten times worse when it’s feeling extra sensitive.  I got a sample of this after purchasing some other Lavera products and it’s fab!  Why shouldn’t we treat our skin just because it reacts to pretty much everything?! We put our faces through so much so give it a treat- it’s designed to calm allergy and sensitive prone skin.  Hurrah!  Lavera intensive neutral mask, £2.90, Lucy Rose Organics

Salcura Dermaspray: I’ve blogged about Salcura products before here. This spray is like a protective barrier for your skin- spray on before moisturising.  It’s made a MASSIVE difference to my Eczema.  Daily Dermaspray intensive, £16.99, Salcura (10% off your first order)

Aveeno cream:  I have this on prescription now because I go through that much of it but it’s honestly the best moisturiser I’ve used in years!  I really need to switch up my regime a bit but this is an absolute staple.  I use it twice a day religiously and it’s never irritated my skin and has actually made a massive difference to my Eczema.  I could kiss my dermatologist for recommending this!  (See my previous blog post here).  Aveeno cream, £14.69, Boots

Let me know if you have any hero products for sensitive skin- I’m always on the scout!

J xx

I am a moisturising addict. I go through more pots, tubs and tubes of the stuff than any other beauty product.  Having Eczema never makes skincare easy but anyone who suffers from sensitive or dry skin knows that skipping on your moisturiser is never worth the pain.

Admittedly sometimes at night  I slather so much on if I had silk sheets I’d probably shoot right out the other side of the bed!  So finding a good quality, natural product, that isn’t too greasy, is always on my hit list.

I’ve used Aveeno hand cream for years but I’d never tried their moisturising cream and I was pretty surprised when my dermatologist actually prescribed it to me.  Firstly I was ecstatic because it means that I get two massive bottles for the cost of one prescription, which means a mahoosive saving on the usual price.  Right now at Boots (UK) you can buy Aveeno moisturising cream for £14.46 for 500ml and there’s a 3 for 2 offer so you can stock up

I reckon a 500ml tub lasts me about 6 weeks, but I’m slathering it on every day religiously so it’s good value!

If you read Sensitive Shell a lot you’ll know I’m a huge fan of natural products.  It’s really important to me that I’m not just coating my skin in a load of chemicals.  The ingredients list on the back of the simple cute packaging is pretty short (always a good sign) and it’s gentle enough to use on babies.  I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s helped get rid of my Eczema but my skin is in the best condition it’s been in for ages and I’m sure this bad boy is partially responsible for this. I’ve seen all of my usual dry patches disappear, it’s the best cream I’ve used in ages and definitely does what it says on the tin!

I am a massive fan of oats, although I normally like my porridge first thing in a morning not on my skin, but Aveeno have been using oats in their products since 1945 so why not?! Go through pretty much any homemade skin scrub blog and oats will usually always feature heavily so I think it’s no secret that they are actually pretty good for us, inside and out.  The Aveeno moisturising cream smells so fresh, and even though their products are fragrance free the oats make for a deliciously delicately scented cream.  Almost good enough to eat, almost.

There are so many benefits from oats: moisturises- restores dehydrated skin, soothes, creates a protective film on the skins surface, and helps to return skin to normal PH levels.  I also love love LOVE the fact that this doesn’t leave my skin all greasy.  A lot of products for dry skin are very thick, heavy and you need to leave them to sink in for an eternity.  The Aveeno absorbs super quick and feels SO good.  Nothing like any of the moisturisers any of the doctors/dermatologists have recommended for me before.   I’m definitely going to give their shower oil a try, in fact I’ll probably be buying most of their range in the hope of swapping things up a little, but this love affair with the Aveeno moisturising cream won’t be ending any time soon…

J xx

This morning I woke up and it was pitch black outside!  We’re well into hat and mittens season now- the heating is cranked up and the kettle is on constant boil to keep up with tea demands.


It’s cold and grim out and I wished it looked like Lapland…

I work outside a lot and my skin is really starting to suffer.  When you have Eczema winter can be a blessing and a curse. On one hand you can hide your lizardy elephant-skin hands underneath a snazzy glove and layer yourself in tights, long sleeves and any amount of clothing!  On the other hand the winter also brings the wind and cold to attack your skin from the outside and central heating and the temptation to eat all kinds of crap from the inside.

I am trying to take action to prevent my skin from going full lizard, which has meant the VERY difficult task of shopping for some new beauty products (what a chore hey…) and also just trying to be a bit more pro-active in terms of prevention rather than cure. We do have sensitive shells, and they need all the help they can get- it’s a crazy world out there!

Here’s my six top tips!



I would LOVE to be typing ‘Gin’ in this section but alas no.  In winter we tend to drink lots of hot drinks (and alcohol- especially at this time of year) and forget about hydrating our skin with water.  Ditch the coke and try and up your H2O intake.  Yes tea contains water- but it also contains caffeine, which dries your skin out.   I am guilty of not drinking enough water so each Monday I buy a few bottles to keep in my work van and try and drink two a day at least.



As I have sensitive skin exfoliating is often the last thing I want to do but it actually makes a difference.  Taking the time out to give your skin a little scrub really helps- as long as you moisturise straight afterwards.  All that moisturiser can’t get in if you don’t slough away dead skins cells- which all build up over winter.  Having Eczema is horrific- your followed around by a constant skin cloud (gross yes) so everything I can do to help my poor skin I will.


I recently reviewed the TruSelf Organics face mask in this blog post and I’ve been using this once a week and it is really helping.  I’ve also invested in the Caudalie body scrub and it’s AMAZING!  It hasn’t irritated my skin at all and it smells incredible.  I love Caudalie so much.  I can’t speak highly enough of their products.  Exfoliating also means lips too! Lipstick on several layers of peeling skin has never been a good look.  Try Lush’s Bubblegum lip scrub, which is a godsend and a right bargain!



OBVS.  I was told by a dermatologist that in winter it’s better to shower and bathe in luke warm water rather than scolding hot.  I can’t handle boiling showers and often make the mistake of not turning the temperature down after my house mate (who must have asbestos skin) has been in.  Apparently really hot water strips the skin of vital protective oils, which are needed in winter more than ever.  I really up my game with moisturiser in winter.  I swear I should be sponsored by a moisturising brand the amount I use!  I always moisturise straight after a shower. It’s better to go with oil based moisturisers rather than water based and stick to natural products rather than slathering chemicals all over yourself!  At the moment I’m using my FAVE Elemis SOS cream (You can tell how much I use it by the pic- it goes everywhere with me), Lush Dream Cream, and Salcura BioSkin Dermaspray (review to follow soon!) Don’t forget winter sun can be just as damaging as in the summer so slather on the SPF. If there was ever a reason to splash out on quality skincare the time is



In summer I steer away from heavy night creams.  I bought an Elemis one this year and had to save it until last month as it brought me out in spots.  It’s my life saver now though!  A little extra help at night can really make a different.  Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concentrate is amazing too and well worth a try.  I can also recommend for sensitive skin Decleor‘s Aroma Night Rose balm.  Smells so good and leaves your skin felling incredibly hydrated in the morning.  It also lasts AAAAGGGGESSSS!  Sensitive skin in winter is so fragile so I avoid as many chemicals as possible. Steer clear of any allergens and switch your products to really gentle, organic or chemical-free skincare.   Ben’s Rosa Centifolia No1.Purity cleansing balm is amazing as a cleanser.


Protect your shell

Wearing a hat and gloves will keep you warm and protect your hands.  Even when I’m cuddled up to my Fjord I wear a hat in winter. Carry a good hand cream, such as the Aveeno oatmeal  version.  Mine is getting rinsed at the moment.  Hand creams are a pain if you have eczema.  They’re normally full of perfume and too thin and watery.  This is a great cheap cream to keep in your bag.  I can’t operate my camera with gloves on and my hands REALLY suffer for it, but where you can keep them wrapped up.

If you’ve got sensitive mits like me try dolloping on the hand cream last thing before you go to bed sleep in cotton gloves. Mine never stay on but they do help, although a word of warning- the temptation before you go to bed to do a Michael Jackson dance wearing just one white glove is just too much!



You are what you eat and all that… This is so true.  When I was training for the London Marathon this year I couldn’t eat burgers every night and expect to make any progress.  Equally you can’t stuff your face with selection boxes and Christmas treats you’ve actually bought for someone else and then expect your skin to be flawless (other people do this right?)  If you’re more Victoria sponge than Victoria secret model then it’s time to switch things up a bit.  Eating hydrating foods will help look after your skin- such as melons, apples, celery, cucumber, tomatoes and carrots.  Don’t forget your greens for vitamins and fish or flaxseeds for Omega 3.

Good luck out there!  Stay healthy and happy : )

J xx