The best legs, without fake tan! (Even works on sensitive skin!)

I am so envious of anyone that can wear fake tan, and wear it well.  I’ve tried so many tanning products, however once they’ve been applied to my crazy sensitive skin they usually develop into patches of brownish-orange that wouldn’t look out of place as an example of ringworm in a science book.

There are a few good high end wash-on wash-off tanning products around, but you really need smooth skin for them to work well and when you have eczema there ain’t no amount of exfoliation that’s going to achieve that!

Fret not, my darlings, for a hero is on hand!  Be gone pasty legs and hello wonder skin! My friend suggested I tried Sally Hansen leg makeup and OH MY GOD-  HOW ON EARTH HAVE I NEVER TRIED THIS BEFORE?

The Bear was best man at a wedding last weekend and as I had bought the mother of all dresses I didn’t want my legs to let me down.  I’ve been off work and actually looking after my skin, so my legs are in fairly decent condition (apart from the serious lack of exercise) and they are virtually Eczema-free (wahoo!) so I thought I’d give it a go.  Wearing tights wasn’t an option with open-toed shoes so I needed a little something to help me along! Shaving always irritates my legs and I hate how they look without tights so this was definitely a product I couldn’t wait to try.

Aww, doesn’t he look all dashing and smart.  I am in LOVE with this dress…

Obvs the Sally Hanson brand has been around forever (Mumma Cox used to swear by it) and I know I’m
super late to the party, but if you aren’t confident at tanning, or have
sensitive skin then this is a great way to give your legs a bit of colour
without the commitment of fake tan.  Even
wash off tan can be a right pain in the ass if you have problem skin like me so
I bought the Airbrush Legs in Medium to sort out my pins.  And sort them out it did!  Airbrush is available in a spray or a
lotion.  I tried the spray and I’ll
definitely be using it again.  Not only
did it colour correct my mottled milky legs, it also hid some of my bruises,
shaving rash and really evened out my skin tone.

I sprayed it onto my hands and not directly to my legs and
then applied it to my legs in a downwards motion and massaged it in. The beauty
is you can build up the colour with no streaks, no orange patches, and
therefore no ringworm circles on your dry skin patches!

Airbrush legs claims to stay fresh on your legs all day and
it definitely does that.  The only thing
I will say is that, despite what it tells us on the advert; it DOES rub off
onto clothes etc.  I managed to leave the
hotel bed sheets looking like the Tango man had paid a visit, however it does
wash off super easy when you’ve hung up your dancing shoes.  So not only did it give my legs a bit of
colour it also smoothed out my skin and hid all those annoying marks from years
of clawing my skin and scars from being a total clutz!  It’s basically an amazing pair of
tights/stockings in a tin!

Check out the difference: No bruises, scratches, or redness!

I hope one day I’ll find a tanning product that works on
sensitive skin but for now I’m more than happy with a temporary leg
makeover.  Give it a try and check out
the image below to shop my wedding outfit and accessories.

Happy Friday!

J xx

Limited edition ‘Peyton’ dress, House of CB


New Kid lipgloss, shade ‘Tickled Pink’

Eyelure volumising lashes 070

Nails Inc, shade ‘Porchester Square’


L’Oreal eyeshadow Gold Mania

Gold shoes, Miss KG, John Lewis

Just Cavalli, Nappa clutch/wrist bag

Sally Hansen Airbursh Legs, Medium

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