TruSelf Organics Face mask Review

If you want your face to feel baby soft then this is the product for you!  I’ve seen a TONNE of hype around this mask on Instagram and YouTube and as I’m all about the organic products it was time to see what the fuss is about.

I’m always super wary of organic products as even though they’re made of the good stuff my skin is rather picky about what it’ll agree with.  I’m not normally a mask person (apart from Halloween) but I do think as I’m working outside a lot in winter my skin is really starting to suffer.

As I do with any new product or brand I always do a bit of research into them (must be the bi-product of hanging around with all these journalists at work!) The ethos  of Tru Organics is amazing.  They’re all about self-loving and were created by a wonderful woman who just wasn’t satisfied with slathering her skin with hundreds of chemicals a day. Sounds familiar…

I’m a moisturiser maniac but when it comes to my face I’m kinda lazy at looking after it, which is definitely something I need to adjust as the years go by and the wrinkles *gasp in horror* start to show.  Prevention darlings, prevention.

The product claims to restore blemish-prone skin.  My skin is more dry at the moment but I’ve had quite a few break outs recently, and anything that offers to help reduce discolouration and fine lines leaving me with a glowing complexion is definitely worth a go!

I’m obsessed with inspecting the pores on my face too (gross but we’ve all done it) and this mask will help clear out those clogs and shrink your pores- perfect!  It also is free from all the crap I hate- no parabens, no fake scents, no preservatives. Just a lovely blend of clay, Epsom salt and collagen Hydrolysate (I strongly recommend you google the latter.  I was amazed at all the things it’s linked with- including a dairy-free diet!)

The face mask is a lovely clay like texture.  It smells natural without being overpowering, unlike so many ‘natural’ products, which leave you feeling like you’ve left your nose in a garden centre.

The product is so easy to mix, the instructions say to mix equal quantities of mask and water, you can use their detoxifying mask solution, but I just used water. Maybe treat yourself and grab a bottle of Evian!

I kept with the organic theme and mixed mine in my little handcrafted wooden teacup I bought from Thailand.

The advice is to leave it use it twice a week for up to ten minutes and then once your skin is used to it leave on for 30 minutes until it is dry.  As I don’t trust my skin to literally not fall off after using something new I only used it for 5 minutes the first time.

OH.MY.GOD My skin felt INCREDIBLE straight after using this.  I washed it off with warm water and a muslin cloth and splashed my face with cold water afterwards.

I have really noticed a difference in the texture of my skin since I’ve been using the mask.  It’s definitely softer and although I wouldn’t say my pores have shrunk my face feels so healthy and clear and It’s a firm fixture in my skin routine now.

I would advise you though not to use it for the first time before a special occasion- after my first run I came out in two spots but I’m guessing this is just my skin either reacting or from the mask clearing out all the crap!

Another lovely Organic brand to add to the list- perfect : ) #loveyourself

Jem x

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